Amily, Co-parent effectively after separation

Co-parent effectively.
Your children will thank you.

Amily – Separation, Co-Parenting & Blended Family Coaching

The Amily Story

At Amily, we’re passionate about helping former partners build amicable co-parenting and blended family relationships.

Our founder, Eva, is part of a quirky blended family comprised of four children, three mums, and two dads – from four different countries.

Even after separating from their father and moving halfway around the world, Eva has remained close to her step-children. She also amicably co-parents her own daughter with her ex-partner. (You can read Eva’s full story here.)

Eva founded Amily because she wanted to make a positive difference and help other modern families enjoy amicable relationships.

Thanks to her leadership, direction, and passion, Eva has positioned Amily to help blended families and co-parents in Brisbane and across Australia replace friction and conflict with positive communication and cooperation

We can help you do the same.

Amily, Eva Samaranch & her daughter

Our vision

A world where children thrive in any type of family.

Our mission

To reinvent the modern family by helping separated parents develop amicable relationships and co-parent effectively.

Our values





How we help you

Your Amily coach will help you apply the same skills and strategies that countless other amicable modern families apply each and every day.

In particular, we support you to master difficult conversations and collaborative problem-solving, so you can improve the outcome of your very next parenting conversation and ultimately co-parent amicably without us.

By applying everything you learn from your Amily coach, you’ll experience calm in your own life, enjoy collaboration in your co-parenting relationship, and be empowered to give your children the gift of ongoing family peace and stability. You’ll also stay out of the court system and avoid all the stress and expense that would otherwise bring.

Book your free discovery session today

If you want to learn to co-parent amicably with your ex-partner, Amily can help.

Book your free discovery session today by selecting an appointment here, or call us now on 0411 173 147.

Your children will be sure to thank you!

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