Blended Family Coaching for Co-Parents & Step-Parents

All families evolve over time, but when you have a blended family, even small changes can feel challenging and disruptive.

Whatever the nature of these changes and challenges, it can be difficult to know how to successfully and cooperatively respond.

This is especially true if you struggle to co-parent amicably with your ex-partner (or your partner’s ex), or if you and your partner disagree about parenting children and step-children. These situations can prevent your family from truly “blending” and leave your children feeling torn by divided loyalties.

That’s where Amily comes in.

With your Amily blended family coach to guide and mentor you, you’ll be supported to transform the way you manage change and address challenges so you can foster a stable family environment for everyone.

Amily, Coaching for your blended family

Why blended family coaching?

Blended family coaching helps you and your family thrive by supporting you to quickly and collaboratively resolve challenges – big or small – that arise over time.

These challenges may include amicably co-parenting with your ex (or your partner’s ex), responding appropriately and supportively when new partners and children join your ex’s family (or your own family), agreeing on boundaries and guidelines for parenting step-children, dealing with parental relocations, and addressing your children’s changing needs (like when your teenager needs to spend more time in one home than the other).

By applying what you learn from your Amily blended family coach, you’ll be able to avoid drawn-out disputes and confidently and amicably resolve challenges. Not only will this reduce drama and stress in your own life, it will also help your children enjoy feelings of security, stability, and self-worth that are the natural outcome of a healthy family life.

How it works

Your Amily blended family coaching sessions will be tailored to address the specific challenge or challenges your family is currently facing.

Working with your Amily coach, you, your ex, your partner, or any other family members that need to be involved will learn to:

  • Find clarity about what each of you really want,
  • Create solutions to overcome triggers, emotions, or bad habits that prevent you from working together to solve challenges as a team,
  • Master difficult conversations so you can resolve co-parenting, step-parenting, and other challenges amicably and collaboratively, and
  • Commit to the future so you can achieve your goals and maintain family stability.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between virtual or in-person coaching sessions in Brisbane. Your Amily blended family coach (or coaches, if you choose to do coaching separately) will be specially assigned to you and your family for the duration of your coaching program, and you’ll have priority access to them during business hours.

In addition to supporting you to resolve your current challenge, our goal is to help you develop the skills, habits, and necessary foundation to independently address future challenges amicably and collaboratively. When you don’t need Amily, we’ve succeeded.

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