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Amily Co-parenting Coaching

As a parent, you want the best for your children.  

But if your co-parenting relationship repeats the habits and conflicts that led you to separate from your ex-partner in the first place, your children risk getting caught in the crossfire as they witness the conflict inherent in day-to-day disagreements.

Even if you’re determined to break free from these patterns and build a positive future for you and your children, knowing how to do this (or simply where to start) can feel overwhelming.

That’s where Amily comes in.

Under the guidance of your Amily co-parenting coach, you and your ex-partner can overcome old habits that lead to conflict and improve your communication and co-parenting relationship so you can better take care of your own needs while also managing parenting agreements in a way that leaves your children feeling secure and loved in both homes.

Why co-parenting coaching?

Co-parenting coaching provides you with the mentoring and support you need to positively refresh and redefine your co-parenting relationship (without a lawyer-sized bill).

Your Amily co-parenting coach will help you and your ex replace aggravation and conflict with calm and cooperation by overcoming the habits that led to past conflict and applying new skills and strategies to communicate effectively and make decisions cooperatively. With our help, the everyday task of co-parenting will no longer be an everyday source of stress. 

Co-parenting coaching will also benefit your children, as they’ll be spared from feelings of divided loyalty or pressure to “take sides”. They’ll also experience a greater sense of security, stability, and balance as they no longer witness parental conflict and instead see their parents working together amicably.

How it works

Your co-parenting challenges are unique to you, so your Amily co-parenting coach will help you drive the agenda for each session to ensure your needs are met.

With your Amily coach as your guide, you and your ex will learn to:

  • Find clarity about what you really want from co-parenting and develop greater awareness of your parenting style (and your ex’s parenting style),
  • Create solutions to address new challenges and overcome patterns that led to past co-parenting conflict,
  • Master difficult conversations to communicate effectively and amicably so you can co-parent successfully, and
  • Commit to the future so you can move forward in a positive co-parenting relationship that will benefit your children.

Parenting coordination

Is your co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner high-conflict? Are you a lawyer with a client embroiled in drawn-out litigation with their children’s other parent?

If you (or your client) expect continual conflict after Parenting Orders have been made, you may need parenting coordination.

Our founder, Eva, is a trained Parenting Coordinator. This means she can support you and your ex-partner with mediating disputes so you can avoid the expense of continual litigation and ensure the best possible outcomes for your children by reducing their exposure to traumatic parental conflict.

To learn more about Amily parenting coordination, call Eva today on 0411 173 147 or email

Your coaching sessions can be held via video call or in-person in Brisbane. Ideally, we’d love to work with you and your ex to positively transform your co-parenting relationship. You can do this together or separately with different Amily coaches – whatever works best for you. Even if your ex chooses not to participate, you’ll still benefit from co-parenting coaching for yourself, and you’ll have priority access to your coach between sessions.

Our ultimate goal is to help you feel enduring peace, satisfaction, and confidence in your role as a co-parent. That means applying the new skills and behaviours we teach so you can communicate effectively and cooperatively respond to challenges and changes without the need for ongoing coaching. When you no longer need Amily, our job is truly done.

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If you want to learn to co-parent amicably with your ex-partner, Amily can help.
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Your children will be sure to thank you!

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