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At Amily, our mission is to reinvent the modern family by helping separated parents develop amicable relationships and co-parent effectively.

We do this by providing coaching services for blended families, co-parents, and separating and divorcing partners with children.

Balancing compassion with candour, your Amily coach will support and guide you to break free from habits, emotions, or triggers that negatively affect your relationship and replace them with behaviours and strategies that help you to feel centred, reduce conflict, and amicably and collaboratively co-parent with your ex-partner.

Your future self will thank you (and your children will, too!).

Amily Separation and Divorce Coach
Amily Co-parenting Coaching
Amily, Coaching for your blended family

Separation & divorce coaching

Separation is painful – especially when there are children involved.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through this experience alone. Instead, your Amily separation and divorce coach will support you to look after yourself and your children during this difficult time, while also offering the mentoring, guidance, and clarity you need to successfully transition to an amicable co-parenting relationship with your ex-partner.

Learn more about separation and divorce coaching here

Co-parenting coaching

You’re separated and you have a care agreement, but how do you prevent co-parenting with your ex-partner becoming an everyday challenge?

If you struggle to co-parent amicably with your ex (or you anticipate struggling), Amily can help. Your Amily co-parenting coach will teach you the skills and strategies you need to overcome friction and challenges so you and your ex can learn to co-parent amicably and give your children the gift of stability and security.

(If required, we also have a trained Parenting Coordinator available to help you implement court-approved parenting agreements.)

Read about co-parenting coaching in more detail here

Blended families coaching

Don’t let the natural evolution of your blended family become a disruptive challenge.

Whether your children’s needs are changing as they grow, you’re adapting to the arrival of new partners and new children, or you’re facing an ongoing challenge you want to resolve once and for all, your Amily blended family coach will support you to successfully and confidently manage change to achieve family stability for yourself and your children.

Learn about how blended family coaching can help you here

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If you want to learn to co-parent amicably with your ex-partner, Amily can help.
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Your children will be sure to thank you!

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