Separation & Divorce Coaching for Parents

When you share children with your ex-partner, separation or divorce isn’t a straightforward parting of ways.

Instead, it marks the beginning of your transition to a new co-parenting relationship.

In the midst of all the pain, turmoil, and complications that accompany separation, knowing how to make this transition (and how to make it work) can feel overwhelming – especially when the family law process draws you toward conflict, making it more difficult to maintain composure and emotional balance when making decisions.

That’s where Amily comes in.

With a specially-assigned Amily separation and divorce coach to provide tailored support and guidance, you’ll learn how to build a solid foundation for amicable co-parenting with your ex-partner, so you can create a positive future for you and your children.  

Amily Separation and Divorce Coach

Why separation & divorce coaching?

Separation coaching gives you the support and guidance you need at one of the most difficult times in your life (and for a fraction of the cost of a divorce lawyer!).

Your Amily separation and divorce coach will help you break free from old emotions and habits, equipping you with communication and conflict resolution strategies to improve your parenting conversations. With our help, you’ll experience fewer arguments and more collaboration as you and your ex work together to make decisions that affect your children.

By successfully transitioning to an amicable co-parenting relationship, you’ll ensure your children won’t feel “caught in the middle”. Instead, they’ll feel safe and secure as they’re exposed to far less stress and conflict, and witness you and your ex behaving as positive role models.

How it works

Every person, every family, and every relationship breakup is unique, so your Amily separation and divorce coach will tailor your sessions to suit your needs and situation.

During your coaching sessions, your coach will support you to:

  • Find clarity about what you really want (for yourself and your children),
  • Create solutions to overcome triggers, entrenched bad habits, and new challenges,
  • Master difficult conversations to communicate effectively and amicably with your ex, and
  • Commit to the future so you can move forward and redefine your life and family outside of your former relationship.

You can attend coaching virtually or in-person in Brisbane, whatever works best for you. Ideally, we’d love to work with your ex, too (but you’ll still benefit from separation and divorce coaching even if your ex isn’t involved). If your ex does participate, you can choose to work together with the same Amily coach, or separately with different coaches.

Between coaching sessions, you’ll have priority access to your coach during business hours. However, our end goal is to equip you with the mindset, skills, and strategies you need to move forward in an amicable co-parenting relationship without us. When you no longer need Amily, we know we’ve succeeded.

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